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  Providence Journal Candidacy Announcement
This article appeared in the April 20, 2006 issue of the Providence Journal newspaper.
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Population: 176,862
Elevation: 115 feet
Land area: 18.5 square miles
Providence Journal
Candidacy Announcement
April 20, 2006

Talan to challenge Cicilline in mayor's race

David Talan says school choice is a top concern .

01:00 AM EDT on Thursday, April 20, 2006

Journal Staff Writer

PROVIDENCE -- Vowing to be the "Laffey of Providence," Republican David Talan announced his intention last night to run for mayor of Providence.

Talan, 57, a computer analyst for the state Department of Labor and Training, received about 10 percent of the vote when he ran against David N. Cicilline in 2002.

Calling Cicilline a "decent and honest human being," Talan said he wouldn't make personal attacks, but promised to challenge the mayor's policies.

An audience of about 60 people applauded Talan's campaign agenda at the Columbus Theater last night.

Talan said he would offer vouchers to Providence families who send their children to private schools -- about 8,000 students -- and those who want to, which he estimated would be 10,000 more.

Talan said his plan would save taxpayers $25 million and ease overcrowding in the schools. He said he would also fight to lift the moratorium on charter schools.

"I want to make it possible for parents to have a choice," he said.

Talan said he'd oppose unfunded education mandates from the state, but promised not to ask Governor Carcieri for more money.

"I've got a radical idea for the City of Providence. In order to balance the budget, I propose we cut spending instead of raising taxes," he said.

He'd seek more concessions from unions, as Cranston Mayor Stephen P. Laffey did, he said.

Cicilline settled several contracts during his first term in office and many of the unions agreed to share some of their healthcare costs. Talan, however, said the contracts did not go far enough. The Providence unions agreed to pay about 10 percent of their healthcare costs, while several Cranston unions agreed to pay up to 20 percent.

Talan said he would adopt Laffey's Taxpayer Relief Act, a proposal before the General Assembly, that would remove pensions from collective bargaining and mandate that municipal employees pay 20 percent of their healthcare costs.

Talan served as administrative assistant to former Rep. Mary Ross and was on the Providence Board of Park Commissioners for 12 years. Talan lives at 25 Santiago St. and is a lifelong resident of Providence.

As the chairman of the Providence City Republican Committee, Talan pledged to run Republican candidates for the 35 Providence City Council and legislative seats up for election in November.

Last night, he introduced several Republicans that will likely run: Jim Kelley, Ward 3; Evaristo Rosario, Ward 8; Yvon Chancy, Ward 9; Ronald Iacobbo, Ward 14; Don Izzo, Senate District 1; Donald Roach, District 2; Robert Berrillo, District 5; Tony Demings, House District 1; Gary Jerejian, District 5; Lou DiManni, District 6; Jeff Szymanski, District 7; Daniel Fagan, District 13. / (401) 277-7376

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